September 27, 2012

How Key Medical Marijuana Measures, Cannabis Legalization Initiatives Are Faring Ahead of Election

November could be a huge month for medical marijuana, with voters in two states set to weigh in on MMJ legalization and those in another considering tough new restrictions on [click to continue...]

September 26, 2012

Montana Medical Cannabis Industry Hopeful Despite Solid Voter Support for MMJ Restrictions

At first glance, a poll released last week about strict new regulations on Montana’s medical marijuana industry seems highly discouraging for the MMJ community. Roughly 44% of registered voters in [click to continue...]

September 25, 2012

Feds Crack Down on Dozens of Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Threaten Others

The Los Angeles medical marijuana industry is under attack again, just days after thwarting a bid by city officials to enforce a ban on dispensaries. The federal government teamed up [click to continue...]

September 25, 2012

Washington DC Medical Marijuana Program ‘Stuck in the Mud,’ Dispensaries & Growers in Limbo

After numerous delays and setbacks, Washington DC’s medical marijuana program made significant strides last spring when the city selected six cultivation and four dispensary finalists to move forward in the [click to continue...]

September 24, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: ND Medical Marijuana Measure Falters + Breathing Room for LA Dispensaries?

A long campaign to legalize medical marijuana in North Dakota unraveled quickly – and unexpectedly – over the past month. The final nail in the coffin came last week, when [click to continue...]

September 21, 2012

Study on Medical Benefits of CBD Gives Cannabis Industry, MMJ Companies More Credibility

In the battle for credibility between medical cannabis supporters and MMJ opponents, chalk one up for the marijuana industry. A new study spearheaded by the California Pacific Medical Center found [click to continue...]

September 20, 2012

Hopes for Medical Marijuana Legalization in North Dakota Fizzle After Supreme Court Denies Appeal

So much for the possibility of medical cannabis legalization in North Dakota this year. The state Supreme Court has rejected a lawsuit filed by MMJ advocates claiming that local officials [click to continue...]

September 20, 2012

Looking to Invest in the Medical Cannabis Industry? Here’s a Sampling of MMJ Opportunities

Investors who want to pump money into the medical marijuana industry or buy a cannabis company have plenty of options, if they can stomach the sizable risks and meet tough [click to continue...]

September 19, 2012

Oregon Medical Marijuana Grow Sites Raided, Colorado Dispensaries Close Amid Crackdown

The US government’s widespread efforts to crack down on the medical cannabis industry claimed nearly a dozen new victims this week, putting the MMJ industry on edge with the November [click to continue...]

September 19, 2012

Marijuana Businesses & MMJ Patients to Rally Nationwide, Protest Federal Intervention

The medical marijuana industry is looking to form a united front against the federal government’s continuing MMJ crackdown, with numerous rallies and protests planned for Thursday in Washington DC and [click to continue...]

September 19, 2012

Arizona Medical Cannabis Event to Focus on Dispensary Insurance, Risks and Service Innovation

Entrepreneurs looking to get involved in Arizona’s fledgling marijuana industry have no shortage of opportunities to receive help as they navigate the complex world of medical cannabis. Numerous groups have [click to continue...]

September 18, 2012

LA Marijuana Dispensaries Get Reprieve as Medical Cannabis Referendum Qualifies for Ballot

The medical marijuana community in Los Angeles has successfully staved off a bid by the city to ban all cannabis dispensaries, at least for now. On Monday, the City Clerk’s [click to continue...]

Seattle Dispensary Plan May Be Scrapped

Seattle marijuana

Seattle medical marijuana businesses may not be able to get local licenses after all, as [click to continue...]

Michigan MMJ Bills Sputter, Leaving Industry in Limbo

Michigan sheriffs reportedly helped kill legislation on Thursday that would have allowed the legal return [click to continue...]

New York MMJ Regs: $200,000 Licensing Fee, Strain Limit

Medical cannabis companies hoping to operate in New York will have to jump through several [click to continue...]

Nebraska, Oklahoma Ask Supreme Court to Nix Colorado Marijuana Law


Nebraska and Oklahoma have filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Colorado’s [click to continue...]

Joint-Smoking Santa Display Backfires for LA Dispensary

In a lesson on how not to advertise your medical marijuana business, a dispensary in [click to continue...]

Key Michigan MMJ Bills Come Down to the Wire

Michigan medical cannabis issues, pot dispensary updates, news about marijuana by state

The future of dispensaries in Michigan hangs in the balance as police groups and public [click to continue...]

High Prices Could Limit Minnesota Medical Cannabis Market

Minnesota’s medical marijuana market could be smaller than expected, as patients will reportedly have to [click to continue...]

Colorado Earmarks $8 Million for MMJ Research


The Colorado Department of Health and Environment will devote serious money to studying the efficacy [click to continue...]

PayPal Co-Founder to Invest in Cannabis

PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel plans to pump money into the marijuana [click to continue...]

Anchorage Shoots Down Proposed Ban on Rec Sales

Alaska’s budding marijuana industry scored a significant victory Tuesday night when lawmakers killed a proposal [click to continue...]

MMJ Lounges Popping Up in Maine

maine marijuana

A new trend in Maine offers yet another possible offshoot business opportunity in the cannabis [click to continue...]

Hope for DC Rec Market Still Alive

It looks like hope may still be alive for a recreational marijuana market in Washington [click to continue...]

Cannabis Business Accelerator to Help 20 Startups

Startup companies focusing on the ancillary cannabis market will get a helping hand – and [click to continue...]

Ruling on Home Grows a Setback for Canadian Cultivation Companies


A Canadian federal appeals court unanimously upheld an injunction that lets patients continue growing medical [click to continue...]