July 31, 2012

Theo Norton: Marijuana Growers, Unite! MMJ Supplier Collectives Could Solve Distribution Woes

By Theo Norton To be successful in the medical marijuana business, you have to think like a customer. That means putting yourself in the patient’s shoes and examining your business [click to continue...]

July 30, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: Future of Medical Marijuana in California After LA Ban + Colorado Patient Numbers

By now, most of the medical cannabis community is aware of the chaotic developments in Los Angeles last week, when local officials voted in favor of a ban on dispensaries. [click to continue...]

July 27, 2012

Chapter 11: A New Strategy for Medical Cannabis Businesses to Postpone Eviction by Feds?

Now here’s a novel method in the medical cannabis industry for staving off federal pressure to close: File for bankruptcy protection. Mother Earth Alternative Healing, a marijuana dispensary in San [click to continue...]

July 26, 2012

Cannabis Pros to Hold Marijuana Tax Seminar for Dispensary Hopefuls, MMJ Startups in Arizona

Entrepreneurs hoping to get involved with medical marijuana in Arizona can get the low-down on the complex tax situation for cannabis companies at a seminar this weekend. The 280e Reform [click to continue...]

July 25, 2012

Colorado Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers Rise for 6th Straight Month as Recovery Continues

The number of patients in Colorado with valid medical marijuana cards hit 98,910 in May, a 2% increase from April and the sixth consecutive monthly increase. That’s good news for [click to continue...]

July 24, 2012

Update: Los Angeles Approves Ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, But 182 Could Remain Open

Los Angeles council members overwhelmingly approved a ban on medical cannabis dispensaries today, a move that will lead to the closure of all or most of the estimated 900-1,000 marijuana [click to continue...]

July 24, 2012

D-Day in LA: City Council Poised to Vote on Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban

The future of medical cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles hangs in the balance today, with local officials set to debate – and likely vote on – a contentious proposal to [click to continue...]

July 23, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: Battle Between California Dispensary, Feds to Set Precedent for MMJ Industry

All eyes in the medical marijuana industry are focused on Oakland, where a federal crackdown is testing the limits of how far the government can go in its war on [click to continue...]

July 20, 2012

Medical Marijuana Industry to Rally Around Oakland, Protest Crackdown During Obama Visit

For California medical marijuana businesses, a presidential visit couldn’t come at a better time. President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak in Oakland on Monday as his reelection campaign gains [click to continue...]

July 19, 2012

New Speaker for National Marijuana Business Conference: Amy Poinsett of MJ Freeway

Amy Poinsett, a co-founder and current chief executive officer of MJ Freeway Software Solutions, has agreed to speak at the National Marijuana Business Conference in Denver this November. She plans [click to continue...]

July 19, 2012

Truth in Trials Act Would Aid Marijuana Dispensary Owners, Workers as Well as Cannabis Patients

Much of the analysis surrounding the Truth in Trials Act – a medical marijuana bill introduced in the House this week – has focused on what it means for MMJ [click to continue...]

July 18, 2012

Khurshid Khoja: JOBS Act to Open MMJ Door for Angel Investors, Shareholders

By Khurshid Khoja This is the second column in a two-part series In my last column I discussed how the JOBS Act might ease the regulatory burden on ancillary business [click to continue...]

Chicago Suburbs Debate MMJ Regs


As the impending September timeframe looms for medical marijuana businesses to apply for operating permits [click to continue...]

Marijuana Vending Machine Comes to Denver

A medical marijuana vending machine generating plenty of buzz in the media has made its [click to continue...]

Colorado City Awards 21 Rec Shop Licenses

The third-largest city in Colorado awarded 21 licenses for cannabis shops on Thursday, paving the [click to continue...]

$25M Infusion for Kiosk Company


More good news on the financial front for cannabis businesses: A company that sells self-service [click to continue...]

DEA Cements Plan to Boost Cannabis Production

For four years, the Drug Enforcement Administration has allowed the federal government to grow a [click to continue...]

Another Lawsuit Over Dispensary Licensing in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts dispensary licensing process has evoked the ire of several applicants who feel that [click to continue...]

Advocate: Paraphernalia Sales Legal Under Florida MMJ Bill

marijuana pipe

Florida’s medical marijuana ballot measure will create an overlooked business opportunity: paraphernalia sales. Currently, it’s [click to continue...]

WA Retail Stores Fight Price Gouging

Washington State recreational marijuana shops have had it with the sky-high prices licensed growers are [click to continue...]

Investors Welcome 2 New Canadian MMJ Stocks

Two Canadian cannabis cultivation companies saw their share prices soar on the first day of [click to continue...]

Colorado Rec Tax Structure Safe for Now


Taxing recreational marijuana sales is a tricky business, as a Denver judge pointed out in [click to continue...]

Medical Marijuana Industry Burgeoning in WA Town

The town of Port Angeles, Washington, has experienced a marijuana boom in 2014. But the [click to continue...]

Oregon City’s Recall Election Tied to Dispensary

Just because Oregon is poised to legalize recreational marijuana in November doesn’t mean everyone in [click to continue...]

Applicant for Massachusetts MMJ Licenses ‘Befuddled’ by Ruling


A Denver medical cannabis company says it’s “befuddled” by obstacles it has encountered while trying [click to continue...]

Lawsuits Could ‘Destroy’ Rec Cannabis in Washington State

Federal versus local control over marijuana. That’s the question at the heart of two lawsuits [click to continue...]