June 8, 2012

Los Angeles Marijuana Dispenary Ban Gains Momentum, CA Crackdown Enters New Phase

Dark clouds are gathering on the horizon in California, where a renewed federal crackdown and a potential ban on cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles have set the MMJ industry on [click to read more...]

June 8, 2012

Can New Hampshire Medical Marijuana Supporters in Senate Overcome Veto Threat?

Keep a close eye on New Hampshire later this month: It could become the 18th state in the nation to officially pass medical marijuana laws. That would move the cannabis [click to read more...]

June 7, 2012

Scores of Marijuana Dispensaries to Open in Next 6 Months as New MMJ States Come Online

For all the difficulties medical marijuana businesses have experienced in recent times (raids, moratoriums, dispensary bans, you name it), 2012 is actually shaping up to be a pretty good year [click to read more...]

June 6, 2012

New Cannabis Opportunities Abound as Colorado Prepares to Lift Marijuana Dispensary Moratorium

Colorado is on the cusp of another green rush as the state prepares to lift a two-year dispensary moratorium, allowing a new wave of entrepreneurs to apply for state licenses [click to read more...]

June 5, 2012

Chris Walsh: Business-Focused Cannabis Conference Sorely Needed to Unite Fragmented Industry

By Chris Walsh I’ve been to about a dozen so-called “medical marijuana” conferences and events since we launched this publication a year ago. And I’ve noticed that most of them [click to read more...]

June 5, 2012

National Marijuana Business Conference Set for November, Speakers Include DeAngelo, Kampia

Medical Marijuana Business Daily will host a national conference for the cannabis industry just after the November elections, giving MMJ professionals the opportunity to hear from the brightest in the [click to read more...]

June 4, 2012

North Dakota Medical Marijuana Advocates Get Go-Ahead to Collect Signatures for Ballot Measure

Let the drive to legalize medical marijuana in North Dakota begin. Cannabis advocates can now officially start gathering signatures for a ballot measure that would allow patients with cancer, glaucoma [click to read more...]

June 4, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: California’s Chaotic Cannabis Climate + the Promise of Cannabidiol Products

California’s medical marijuana industry is facing a great deal of uncertainty, as evidenced by two developments in the state last week. First, a City Council committee advanced a measure that [click to read more...]

June 1, 2012

California Closer to Creating Medical Marijuana Regulations, Adding MMJ Industry Oversight

While Los Angeles considers an outright ban on medical cannabis dispensaries, the state of California is moving in a different direction. The state Assembly gave the initial green light to [click to read more...]

May 31, 2012

Company’s New Line of Hemp-Based, THC-Free Products Highlights Growing Promise of Cannabidiol

Several prominent medical marijuana companies are focusing on what they see as the wave of the future in the MMJ industry: products infused with cannabidiol, or CBD. The marijuana compound [click to read more...]

May 30, 2012

MMJ Meltdown in Los Angeles a Possibility as Proposal to Ban Cannabis Dispensaries Gains Steam

The Los Angeles medical marijuana industry is bracing itself for the possibility of a complete ban on storefront cannabis dispensaries as the idea gains traction among local officials. A three-person [click to read more...]

May 29, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: AZ Dispensary Application Total + CA Cannabis Patients Lose Court Battle

Arizona hit another major medical marijuana milestone last week, wrapping up its official dispensary application period on Friday. The state received nearly 500 applications during the 12-day submission period. That’s [click to read more...]

Health Canada Recalls Medical Marijuana

Health Canada has initiated the country’s first ever medical marijuana recall. Earlier this week, British [click to read more...]

Tommy Chong Now Part-Owner of Colorado Cannabis Store

Actor and longtime marijuana advocate Tommy Chong is diving head-first into the business side of [click to read more...]

Cannabis Firm Buys 3 Buildings in Florida

The publicly traded firm Cannabis RX has acquired three commercial buildings in Florida that it [click to read more...]

Lack of Testing Oversight in Oregon Raises Concerns

Dispensary owners in Oregon are concerned that the state’s lack of oversight on testing labs [click to read more...]

Lottery for Rec Licenses Underway in Washington

Washington State is holding a lottery this week to determine who can sell recreational cannabis [click to read more...]

Updated Illinois MMJ Rules Could Increase Market Size

Illinois has issued revised draft rules for the medical marijuana industry, easing up on regulations [click to read more...]

Privateer Holdings Expects to Raise $50M

Privateer Holdings, one of the largest private equity firms in the cannabis industry, is reportedly [click to read more...]

WeedMaps Ad Pulled From Times Square

Online dispensary directory WeedMaps recently purchased electronic billboard space in New York City’s Times Square, [click to read more...]

Wisconsin Legalizes CBD Oils, But Questions Remain

Wisconsin has become the latest state to legalize cannabidiol extracts, joining Utah and Kentucky in [click to read more...]

More Oversight on Rhode Island MMJ Industry Urged

A marijuana working group in Rhode Island is lobbying for greater oversight of the state’s [click to read more...]

Nevada MMJ Businesses Scramble to Meet Application Deadline

Prospective medical marijuana business owners in unincorporated areas of Nevada’s largest county are making a [click to read more...]

Boston Dispensary Told to ‘Go Away’

A medical marijuana dispensary looking to set up shop in Boston can’t seem to win [click to read more...]

CO Seeks to Shut Down Raided Dispensaries

Colorado regulators recently moved to shut down four dispensaries that were targeted during a high-profile [click to read more...]

DOJ Chief ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About Rec Cannabis Programs

The nation’s top law enforcement official said he is encouraged by Colorado and Washington State’s [click to read more...]