August 23, 2012

Only 8 Applications Submitted for New Colorado MMJ Business Licenses Since End of Moratorium

So much for the next Green Wave in Colorado. Consider it more of a ripple this time around, at least for now. The state has received just eight new applications [click to continue...]

August 22, 2012

Feds Raid 2 California Cannabis Dispensaries, Order 66 Other MMJ Businesses to Close

The federal government’s crackdown on medical marijuana in California continues unabated, with agents raiding two dispensaries in Anaheim this week and threatening dozens of others in the area. Expect more [click to continue...]

August 21, 2012

Colorado Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division Officials to Discuss MMJ Compliance at Event

Want to ask the top medical marijuana officials in Colorado your most burning questions about regulations and compliance?  MMJ professionals in the Denver area will get that chance Wednesday night [click to continue...]

August 20, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: Denver Medical Marijuana Advertising Ban + LA Dispensaries on the Ropes

Say goodbye to the eye-catching posters at bus stops, massive billboards near major roads and cardboard signs on street corners in Denver advertising super-cheap eighths. Last week, the Denver City [click to continue...]

August 17, 2012

Referendum Drive, Lawsuits Not Enough to Delay LA Marijuana Dispensary Ban

The Los Angeles medical marijuana industry is exploring every avenue to prevent a recently approved ban on dispensaries from crippling the city’s entire MMJ infrastructure. Advocates and professionals are working [click to continue...]

August 17, 2012

Dana Cawthon: 3 Rules Every Medical Marijuana Dispensary Must Follow to Help Stabilize Industry

By Dana Cawthon In our uncertain and volatile marketplace, it is more important than ever for medical marijuana dispensary owners to comply with local rules, standards and regulations established for [click to continue...]

August 16, 2012

Successful Arkansas Medical Marijuana Legalization Push Could Open up South for MMJ

Arkansas is poised to become a key medical marijuana battleground this November, with an initiative to legalize cannabis for medical purposes likely headed for the ballot. The main group behind [click to continue...]

August 15, 2012

Acquisitions Help Fuel Medical Marijuana Inc. to $1.5 Million Profit in the Second Quarter

Medical Marijuana Inc., one of the few publicly traded companies in the MMJ industry, swung to a profit in the second quarter on increased revenue tied to its purchase of [click to continue...]

August 15, 2012

Risky Business: Some LA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to Remain Open Despite Ban?

Scores of Los Angeles dispensaries are preparing to close on Sept. 6, when a new citywide ban on medical marijuana centers takes effect. But some cannabis centers are reportedly considering [click to continue...]

August 14, 2012

Indictment of Colorado Dispensary Owner for MMJ Diversion Couldn’t Have Come at Worse Time

Earlier this month, the government released a study claiming that large amounts of medical marijuana from Colorado are ending up in the wrong hands. The report pegged the problem squarely [click to continue...]

August 14, 2012

Denver Set to Ban Outdoor Medical Marijuana Ads, Move Will Both Hurt and Help MMJ Industry

Denver dispensaries that promote their products via billboards or spinning roadside signs will have to come up with a new marketing strategy. A proposal to ban most forms of outdoor [click to continue...]

August 13, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: Positive Developments for Medical Marijuana in Arizona, California & NJ

The US medical marijuana industry desperately needs something to cheer about, and it got just that last week. Times three. Both Arizona and New Jersey made tangible strides with their [click to continue...]

Uruguay Presidential Candidate Would Scale Back Legal Marijuana

The first country in the world to fully legalize the sale and possession of recreational [click to continue...]

Seattle Warns 330 MMJ Businesses to Get Licenses

Graphic of federal warning to dispensary

Obtain a state permit or shut down. That’s the gist of a letter Seattle’s Department [click to continue...]

Nevada Will Weigh Rec Marijuana

Nevada lawmakers will tackle the recreational marijuana issue early next year, whether they’re ready to [click to continue...]

CO Awards $250K Grant to THC Breathalyzer Developer

A Colorado company attempting to develop THC breathalyzers is getting some help from the state [click to continue...]

Missouri to Start Taking Hemp Cultivation Applications


Cannabis growers of a different stripe can begin submitting applications to the Missouri government next [click to continue...]

Backlash Sinks Proposed Edibles Ban in Colorado

Colorado edibles manufacturers can let out a sigh of relief. A proposal on Monday to [click to continue...]

3 Chicago Dispensary Hopefuls Get Local Green Light

Several businesses have taken a big step forward in their quest to open medical marijuana [click to continue...]

San Francisco Delays Decision on New Dispensary


San Francisco, which was at the forefront of the medical marijuana movement a decade ago, [click to continue...]

Oregon Judge: Towns Can Ban Dispensaries

An Oregon judge has decided that towns and counties have the right to ban or [click to continue...]

Medical Marijuana Inc. Files $100M Lawsuit Over ‘False’ Claims

Medical Marijuana Inc. has filed a lawsuit in California against several businesses – including a [click to continue...]

WA Puts Sales Data for Rec Businesses Online


Want to track sales of individual marijuana stores, cultivators and processors in Washington State? Easy [click to continue...]

Cole to California: Regulate the MMJ Industry

The author of the 2013 Cole Memo has a clear message for California: “If you [click to continue...]

Former Israel MMJ Exec Tapped by Cannabis Consultancy

A national cannabis consulting firm has brought on a key architect of Israel’s medical marijuana [click to continue...]

14 Marijuana Labs Participate in ‘Proficiency’ Test


Yet another sign that the marijuana industry is maturing: 14 cannabis labs from across the [click to continue...]