January 31, 2013

San Diego Dispensaries Not Out of Woods Yet as Mayor Scrambles to Draft New MMJ Proposal

The San Diego medical cannabis industry breathed a huge sigh of relief – and popped open a few champagne bottles – earlier this month when Mayor Bob Filner directed local [click to continue...]

January 30, 2013

5 Promising Ancillary Cannabis Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs, Investors

Looking to get involved in the marijuana industry but don’t want to take on the sizable risks of actually handling the drug? Good news: Some of the biggest opportunities in [click to continue...]

January 29, 2013

An Industry Divided: Battle Lines Drawn as Older, Newer Cannabis Dispensaries Square Off in LA

A civil war is brewing in the Los Angeles medical marijuana community, and nearly every local cannabis-related business will be forced to choose sides this spring. It’s an important battle: [click to continue...]

January 28, 2013

Weekly Wrapup: The Challenges of a Mature MMJ Market + Positive Signs From Feds

By Chris Walsh The business opportunities that arise when a state legalizes medical marijuana and allows dispensaries to serve patients have been well documented. Here’s what typically happens: There’s a [click to continue...]

January 28, 2013

Amy Poinsett: Winds of Change Blowing Medical Marijuana Industry Toward New Horizon

By Amy Poinsett “The war on drugs has been an utter failure. We need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws.” Take a guess who said that? You might be [click to continue...]

January 25, 2013

Lawmaker Digs in Heels on Arizona MMJ Repeal, Rejects Pleas From Dispensaries and Patients

An Arizona lawmaker remains determined to put the state’s medical marijuana law back in front of voters despite an attempt by dispensary owners, MMJ advocates and patients to get him [click to continue...]

January 24, 2013

Feds Taking Hands-Off Approach to Marijuana Legalization, Retail Cannabis Businesses?

The silence from the federal government on state-level marijuana legalization is deafening, leaving officials and entrepreneurs in Colorado and Washington in a state of extreme uncertainty. But there are some [click to continue...]

January 23, 2013

Medical Marijuana Inc. Swings to $3.4 Million Profit in Q4 on Expansion, National Exposure

California-based Medical Marijuana Inc. closed out 2012 on a high note, reporting a record $3.4 million profit in the fourth quarter as it continued to gain traction in the edibles [click to continue...]

January 22, 2013

31 Medical Marijuana Business Applications in Colorado Since End of Moratorium

For two years, Colorado barred entrepreneurs from starting cannabis dispensaries, cultivation sites and infused product companies under a state-wide moratorium on new medical marijuana businesses. Officials enacted the ban in [click to continue...]

January 21, 2013

Weekly Wrapup: MMJ Industry on a Roll, Trends Signal Strong Year for Cannabis Business

There’s been a marked change in the nature of medical marijuana news so far this year: Most of it is now overwhelmingly positive. For much of 2012, you couldn’t go [click to continue...]

January 18, 2013

Cannabis Jobs: Washington State Seeks Marijuana Consultants for Market Research, Regulations

Looking to get involved in Washington’s emerging recreational marijuana industry? One of the first opportunities has just emerged: The state is seeking cannabis consultants who can paint a picture of [click to continue...]

January 17, 2013

Proposed Connecticut Medical Marijuana Rules: Up to $100,000 in Initial Fees, Extensive Regs

Opening a medical marijuana dispensary or cultivation operation in Connecticut will require lots of time, money, resources … and patience. The state has released proposed rules governing the emerging medical [click to continue...]

Patient Decries High Cannabis Prices in Connecticut

At least one outspoken cancer patient in Connecticut has been brought to tears by what [click to continue...]

Dueling MMJ Ad Campaigns Hit Florida Airwaves

Absentee ballots have just started to hit Florida mailboxes, and it’s no coincidence that a [click to continue...]

4 More Retail Marijuana Stores to Open in Seattle

Seattle marijuana

The Emerald City is finally about to get its second recreational marijuana shop, while three [click to continue...]

3-D Printing Creates New Cannabusiness Opportunity

The marijuana industry has spawned a seemingly endless number of ancillary business ideas, and one [click to continue...]

Montana City’s MMJ Industry Thriving

Montana medical marijuana image

Montana’s once-burgeoning medical marijuana sector unraveled quickly several years ago due to legal issues, but [click to continue...]

Dozens of New Regulations on Colorado Cannabis Businesses

If you work in the marijuana industry in Colorado, brace yourself. The state’s Marijuana Enforcement [click to continue...]

Legal Hemp Harvest Underway in Kentucky

Remember that 250-pound bag of imported hemp seeds customs officials detained in Kentucky earlier this [click to continue...]

Casino Giant Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Nevada MMJ Company


The company that runs some of the most well-known casinos in Las Vegas has filed [click to continue...]

No Bankruptcy Protection for Cannabis Companies, Judges Rule

Marijuana businesses across the country, take heed: If your venture doesn’t pan out, don’t count [click to continue...]

Attorney General Holder Questions Marijuana’s Classification


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who is resigning from his post later this year, suggested [click to continue...]

Marijuana Conference Accepting Applications for Investor Pitch Event

Cannabis entrepreneurs can now submit applications to take part in an investor pitch session at [click to continue...]

Pennsylvania MMJ Bill Clears Senate, but Challenges Remain

Pennsylvania marijuana

Though a bill to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania won overwhelming support in the state [click to continue...]

369 MMJ Business Applications Submitted in Illinois

Illinois received 369 applications from entrepreneurs seeking licenses to open medical marijuana businesses, according to [click to continue...]

Bogus Texas Marijuana Legalization Story Dupes Thousands

A fake news site duped thousands of online readers into believing – at least for [click to continue...]