December 17, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: Parsing the President’s Comments + More States to Follow CO, WA Lead?

After more than a month of silence on marijuana legalization, President Barack Obama finally addressed the issue last week in an interview with ABC News. Obama said that going after [click to read more...]

December 14, 2012

Obama Says Marijuana Users in CO & WA Not a Top Priority, But Still No Word on Cannabis Biz

President Barack Obama has indicated that he won’t target marijuana users in states that have legalized the drug, stoking optimism in the cannabis community. But he stopped short of giving [click to read more...]

December 13, 2012

US Going Green? More Than a Dozen States Could Consider Marijuana Legalization Next Year

The market for legal marijuana could expand well beyond Colorado and Washington very soon. As in next year. Lawmakers in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont have already [click to read more...]

December 12, 2012

Business Bigwigs, Yale Grads & Wall Street Pros Eye Marijuana Industry in Wake of Legalization

Professionals from the world of big business are looking to tap the emerging marijuana market in Colorado and Washington, eyeing everything from private equity funds and financial services firms to [click to read more...]

December 11, 2012

Colorado Medical Marijuana Industry Braces for Changes as MMED Prepares to Rewrite Rules

Medical cannabis businesses in Colorado will have to adjust to significant changes yet again as the state prepares to rewrite rules governing dispensaries, cultivation sites and edibles companies. The Medical [click to read more...]

December 10, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: 5 Major MMJ, Marijuana Developments Light Up the Cannabis Industry

Last week was a remarkable one for the medical marijuana industry, with a handful of historic developments fueling optimism after a grueling year. Here are five of these milestones and [click to read more...]

December 7, 2012

Q&A With Jeffrey S. Kaufman, Lead Attorney in Watershed AZ Medical Marijuana Case

In the court decision heard round the medical cannabis world, a judge upheld Arizona’s MMJ law this week and stifled an attempt by local officials to derail the state’s dispensary [click to read more...]

December 6, 2012

The Wait is Over: AZ & NJ Become 9th, 10th US States With Marijuana Dispensaries

The first medical cannabis dispensaries in Arizona and New Jersey have opened their doors, representing a major milestone for the two oft-delayed MMJ programs and establishing an official market for [click to read more...]

December 5, 2012

12 Things to Know About New Washington Marijuana Law as Legalization Takes Hold

Washington is set to become the first state in the nation to formally legalize marijuana when its voter-approved initiative goes into effect tomorrow. But those hoping to grow and/or sell [click to read more...]

December 4, 2012

Poll: 47% of Americans Say Obama Should Let CO & WA Implement Marijuana Legalization Measures

Nearly half the country thinks the federal government should allow Colorado and Washington to move forward with marijuana legalization, according to a new survey. The results highlight growing support for [click to read more...]

December 4, 2012

Court Backs Arizona Medical Marijuana Law, Paving Way for First 97 Dispensaries

A judge has rejected an attempt by Arizona officials to stamp out the state’s medical marijuana program, ruling in favor of the voter-approved law and effectively clearing the way for [click to read more...]

December 4, 2012

Adam Bierman: In MMJ Industry, Flying Under the Marketing Radar Rarely Leads to Success

By Adam Bierman Many different types of businesses currently service the MMJ industry, from storefront dispensaries and manufacturers who create and distribute products to consulting firms that assist these businesses [click to read more...]

DOJ Chief ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About CO, WA Cannabis Programs

The nation’s top law enforcement official said he is encouraged by Colorado and Washington State’s [click to read more...]

70+ Oregon Cities Temporarily Ban Dispensaries

More than 70 municipalities in Oregon have implemented moratoriums on medical cannabis dispensaries, limiting businesses [click to read more...]

CA Marijuana Cultivators Urged to Cut Water Use

Legal and illegal marijuana cultivators in Northern California could be draining valuable water from the [click to read more...]

Kentucky Approves CBD Extracts Law

Kentucky has joined Utah on the short list of U.S. states to legalize cannabidiol (CBD) [click to read more...]

Maryland Revives Medical Cannabis Program, Passes Decriminalization

Maryland lawmakers have revamped the state’s medical marijuana program by establishing a framework of rules [click to read more...]

Denver Rec Shop Projects $10M-$12M in 2014 Sales

The owner of one of Colorado’s largest recreational marijuana stores projects his 2014 revenues will [click to read more...]

GrowLife Trading Halted by SEC, Cannabis Stocks Drop

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has temporarily halted stock trading for GrowLife Inc. (PHOT), [click to read more...]

Boston Mayor Aims to Block Dispensaries

Boston mayor Martin Walsh will try to block the city’s two planned medical marijuana dispensaries, [click to read more...]

NJ Voters Split on Decriminalization, Oppose Rec

New Jersey voters are split down the middle when it comes to legalizing marijuana possession, [click to read more...]

Recreational Sales Rise 5%, But Actual Growth Much Bigger

Sales at Colorado recreational marijuana shops rose 5% in February to hit $15.1 million, according [click to read more...]

Oregon Registered Dispensaries Now Total 32

The Oregon Health Authority approved the registration of 10 additional dispensaries late last week, bringing [click to read more...]

Colorado Governor Lowers Cannabis Tax Forecast

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has scaled back his cannabis tax revenue estimates by about 15%, [click to read more...]

Florida MMJ Gold Rush: 60+ Businesses Launch

More than 60 new medical marijuana-related businesses have been incorporated in Florida over the past [click to read more...]

Holder ‘Glad’ to Work With Congress on Reclassifying Marijuana

United States Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t mention cannabis in his officially planned remarks Friday [click to read more...]