May 14, 2013

Credit Card Companies Barring Dispensary Owners From Opening Accounts for Other Businesses

Dispensary owners affected by credit card companies’ moves to cut ties with the medical marijuana industry in recent years could find it exceedingly difficult to open merchant accounts for other [click to continue...]

May 13, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: 100s of California Dispensaries to Close? + Final Marijuana Regulations in Colorado

If it isn’t one thing for California’s medical marijuana industry, it’s another. The MMJ business climate in the state is as turbulent as it gets, with dispensaries and related businesses [click to continue...]

May 10, 2013

Bright Marijuana Business Outlook: 80% of Ancillary Cannabis Firms Expect ‘Big’ or Moderate Growth

The future of the marijuana industry is extremely bright, at least if you ask those who have hitched their wagon to it. Roughly 80% of executives at ancillary cannabis companies [click to continue...]

May 9, 2013

Top 20 Business-Related Aspects of Colorado’s Recreational Marijuana Regulations

Colorado entered the cannabis history books yet again yesterday, becoming the first state in the nation to officially pass regulations covering the cultivation and sale of marijuana for adult use. [click to continue...]

May 9, 2013

Rob Hunt: Massachusetts Dispensary Regulations Will Create Shotgun Marriages, Boost Risk

By Robert E. Hunt So you want to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts? Before you go any further, you may want to examine what you’re up against. The [click to continue...]

May 8, 2013

Dispensary Raids, Warning Letters Stoke Fears of Renewed Crackdown on Cannabis Businesses

Raids. Civil forfeiture notices. Warning letters. The headlines coming out of California and Washington State over the past few weeks conjure up memories of last spring, when the medical marijuana [click to continue...]

May 7, 2013

Fallout From CA Ruling: More Dispensary Bans, Uncertainty…and Pressure for Statewide Regs

The California Supreme Court’s landmark ruling yesterday allowing cities to outlaw cannabis dispensaries leaves the local medical marijuana industry in disarray, ensuring that a confusing patchwork of bans continues to [click to continue...]

May 7, 2013

Nominate a Speaker for the National Marijuana Business Conference & Expo 2013

MMJ Business Daily is now accepting speaker nominations for the National Marijuana Business Conference & Expo 2013, the industry’s premier annual gathering for cannabis executives, business owners and professionals. The [click to continue...]

May 6, 2013

Weekly Wrapup: Medical Cannabis Funding Climate Improving Amid New Deals, Developments

The medical marijuana industry may have finally turned a corner on the financing front, as evidenced by two important developments last week: #1. Five ancillary cannabis companies received a combined [click to continue...]

May 3, 2013

Medical Marijuana Inc. on the Defensive After Outside Criticism Sets Shareholders on Edge

One of the more prominent publicly traded cannabis companies has come under fire recently in blogs and stock message boards for its financial accounting methods and other issues, spooking investors [click to continue...]

May 2, 2013

Angel Investors to Pump $1 Million into 5 Cannabis Startups as Marijuana Investment Activity Picks Up

Five startup cannabis firms have received commitments for a combined $1 million in financing from angel investors, providing yet another indication that the investment climate is improving as marijuana gains [click to continue...]

May 1, 2013

Massachusetts Marijuana Advocates Decry ‘Nasty’ Bill That Would Severely Limit State’s MMJ Program

Massachusetts lawmakers are set to begin debating a bill that would cap the number of dispensaries in the state to just 10, set a nonrefundable application fee of at least [click to continue...]

Oregon Bank Looking to Work With Marijuana Industry

An Oregon-based financial institution has confirmed it is in talks with federal and state regulators [click to continue...]

NY Urged to Accelerate MMJ Program


Cannabis advocates and lawmakers in New York are urging the state to accelerate implementation of [click to continue...]

Senators Ask Feds for Cannabis Guidance, Consistency

Senators from Colorado and Washington have jointly appealed to the White House and the U.S. [click to continue...]

Study: WA Rec Industry Not Creating Tourism Boom

Interest in traveling to Seattle has dipped slightly despite the start of recreational cannabis sales [click to continue...]

Rand Paul Pressuring Lawmakers to Declare Marijuana Stance


U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has filed a series of marijuana-related amendments in recent days, [click to continue...]

CBD, Hemp Bill Introduced in House

A Republican lawmaker has introduced a bill in the U.S. House that would effectively legalize [click to continue...]

90% Support MMJ in Florida

Image for legalization of medical marijuana

Opponents of medical marijuana legalization in Florida have ramped up publicity for their campaign in [click to continue...]

Stiff Competition for LV Dispensary Licenses

Applicants for medical marijuana dispensary licenses in Las Vegas face some hefty competition. Roughly 47 [click to continue...]

New York Times Urges Marijuana Legalization


The New York Times editorial board is calling for an end to the federal ban [click to continue...]

Debt Fund Launched for Illinois MMJ Startups

Entrepreneurs looking to enter Illinois’ medical marijuana industry could get help with one of the [click to continue...]

FL Company Nabs $500K Funding Commitment


A Florida company has secured up to $500,000 in investments to fuel its business interests [click to continue...]

$38.5M Potential Tax Haul From Legalized Cannabis in Oregon

Cannabis legalization in Oregon could generate $38.5 million in taxes for the state during the [click to continue...]

Seattle Dispensaries, MMJ Growers Could Get Reprieve


Medical marijuana businesses in Seattle could get until 2016 to obtain licenses with the state. [click to continue...]

63 License Applications in Las Vegas

Las Vegas received 63 applications for medical cannabis business licenses by Wednesday’s deadline, according to [click to continue...]