May 8, 2013

Dispensary Raids, Warning Letters Stoke Fears of Renewed Crackdown on Cannabis Businesses

Raids. Civil forfeiture notices. Warning letters. The headlines coming out of California and Washington State over the past few weeks conjure up memories of last spring, when the medical marijuana [click to continue...]

May 7, 2013

Fallout From CA Ruling: More Dispensary Bans, Uncertainty…and Pressure for Statewide Regs

The California Supreme Court’s landmark ruling yesterday allowing cities to outlaw cannabis dispensaries leaves the local medical marijuana industry in disarray, ensuring that a confusing patchwork of bans continues to [click to continue...]

May 7, 2013

Nominate a Speaker for the National Marijuana Business Conference & Expo 2013

MMJ Business Daily is now accepting speaker nominations for the National Marijuana Business Conference & Expo 2013, the industry’s premier annual gathering for cannabis executives, business owners and professionals. The [click to continue...]

May 6, 2013

Weekly Wrapup: Medical Cannabis Funding Climate Improving Amid New Deals, Developments

The medical marijuana industry may have finally turned a corner on the financing front, as evidenced by two important developments last week: #1. Five ancillary cannabis companies received a combined [click to continue...]

May 3, 2013

Medical Marijuana Inc. on the Defensive After Outside Criticism Sets Shareholders on Edge

One of the more prominent publicly traded cannabis companies has come under fire recently in blogs and stock message boards for its financial accounting methods and other issues, spooking investors [click to continue...]

May 2, 2013

Angel Investors to Pump $1 Million into 5 Cannabis Startups as Marijuana Investment Activity Picks Up

Five startup cannabis firms have received commitments for a combined $1 million in financing from angel investors, providing yet another indication that the investment climate is improving as marijuana gains [click to continue...]

May 1, 2013

Massachusetts Marijuana Advocates Decry ‘Nasty’ Bill That Would Severely Limit State’s MMJ Program

Massachusetts lawmakers are set to begin debating a bill that would cap the number of dispensaries in the state to just 10, set a nonrefundable application fee of at least [click to continue...]

April 30, 2013

Private Equity Firm Offering $250 Million in Cash Advances to Marijuana Businesses

By Anne Holland [Updated 5/2/13] Another crack has appeared in the wall of financial services firms refusing to do business with the cannabis industry. A financial firm based in Delaware [click to continue...]

April 29, 2013

Weekly Wrapup: MMJ Dispensary Progress Hits ‘Yellow Lights’ in CA, MD, IL and CT

By Anne Holland    In the week after federal authorities moved against all 63 marijuana retailers in Santa Ana CA, politicians across the US struggled to define local MMJ regulations in [click to continue...]

April 26, 2013

83% of Existing Medical Marijuana Businesses Were Funded by Founders’ Own Wallets

By Anne Holland   As new-to-dispensaries states such as Massachusetts and Connecticut propose requiring dispensary founders to fund huge escrow accounts ($500k for MA and $2 million for CT), in addition [click to continue...]

April 25, 2013

Exclusive: Cannabis Clone Business Data & Insights from a Top CA Nursery

By Anne Holland   A top executive from Dark Heart Nursery, one of the largest medical cannabis clone nurseries in the San Francisco Bay Area, has revealed strain sales data and [click to continue...]

April 24, 2013

AZ’s MMJ Dispensary Revenues Projected to Reach $440 Million by 2016

By Anne Holland According to an economic impact study of the nascent AZ MMJ dispensary industry, retail sales of medical cannabis in the state could grow to as much as $440 [click to continue...]

Oregon Recreational Marijuana Bill Approved for Ballot

Oregon voters will get another shot at legalizing recreational marijuana. The state announced today that [click to continue...]

Infused Products, Extracts Guidelines Released

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) released business guidelines today tied to the manufacturing, packaging, [click to continue...]

Bid to Overturn San Jose MMJ Regs Falls Short

A last-ditch effort to block restrictive regulations on medical cannabis businesses in San Jose, California, [click to continue...]

IL Hospital Voices Interest in Dispensing Marijuana


A hospital in Chicago has gone public with its desire to dispense medical cannabis. Executives [click to continue...]

VT Moves Forward With Marijuana Legalization Study

Image for marijuana studies

Rand Corp. is set to begin a study on the possible impacts of marijuana legislation [click to continue...]

Illinois Expands MMJ Program

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has signed legislation expanding the list of qualifying conditions for the [click to continue...]

Cheeba Chews Returns to Colorado Market

Cheeba Chews is back in business. The Colorado-based company – which makes a popular line [click to continue...]

WA Product Shortages Could Last Months


When will Washington State’s recreational marijuana industry have enough product to satisfy demand? One cultivator [click to continue...]

Denver Issues Edibles Recall, Despite Lack of Illness

Products from the popular Colorado edibles brand At Home Baked are being removed from store [click to continue...]

Vegas Suburb Proves Popular With Dispensary Hopefuls

The Las Vegas suburb of Henderson received 28 applications for medical marijuana business licenses by [click to continue...]

New Mexico Abandons Some Proposed Rule Changes

New Mexico’s marijuana community has scored a minor regulatory victory. The state’s health department is [click to continue...]

Washington OKs Marijuana Cookies, Nixes Candies


Retail marijuana shops in Washington State can sell cannabis cookies, brownies and other baked goods, [click to continue...]

70% of Canadians Support Marijuana Legalization, Decrim

Canadians overwhelmingly favor loosening the country’s cannabis laws, according to a poll commissioned by the [click to continue...]

Canadian Cannabis Company Buys Huge Facility for $13M

A prospective medical marijuana company in Canada has purchased a 300,000-square-foot facility for roughly $13 [click to continue...]