October 4, 2013

Genifer Murray: Mandatory Cannabis Testing Laws Will Cause Ripples Across Industry

By Genifer Murray Testing is currently voluntary in most medical marijuana states. As a result, the lion’s share of dispensaries bypass it entirely, coming up with any number of excuses [click to continue...]

October 3, 2013

Impact of DOJ Announcement, Cole Memo Short-Lived for Most Marijuana Stocks

The third quarter was surprisingly lackluster for publicly traded cannabis companies, with most stocks failing to hold gains tied to a groundbreaking move by the Department of Justice in August. [click to continue...]

October 2, 2013

100+ Colorado MMJ Dispensaries Seek Recreational Marijuana Permits on 1st Day

At least 100 medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado queued up to submit applications for recreational cannabis licenses on the first day of the process, reflecting sizable interest in the new [click to continue...]

October 1, 2013

Big Business: Maine Marijuana Caregivers Rake in $15M-$25M, Market to Expand

On paper, Maine’s medical marijuana industry seems relatively small, with just eight dispensaries serving patients across the state. But dig deeper and you’ll find a thriving business community that could [click to continue...]

September 30, 2013

Week in Review: More Progress in New Jersey + Positive Signs for Cannabis Banking

Finally, there’s a string of good news for New Jersey’s medical marijuana industry. Last week, the owners of a planned dispensary spoke at a council meeting in Bellmawr, addressing community [click to continue...]

September 27, 2013

Rise of Recreational Marijuana Market Could Usher in Banking Changes

The marijuana industry could get help on one of its thorniest problems – banking – in an indirect way from the emergence of the adult-use cannabis markets in Colorado and [click to continue...]

September 26, 2013

Colorado’s Restrictive Recreational Cannabis Rules Limiting Business Investments

An event held by The ArcView Group in Denver this week is expected to result in more than $1 million in deals between investors and cannabis companies from around the [click to continue...]

September 25, 2013

San Diego’s Medical Marijuana Industry Faces Uncertainty Amid Mayoral Shakeup

At the start of 2013, the future seemed exceedingly bright for medical marijuana businesses in San Diego. The city’s new mayor, Bob Filner, went to bat big-time for the industry, [click to continue...]

September 24, 2013

MMJ Dispensary Application Process in Massachusetts Shows Serious Players Involved

And then there were 158. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has eliminated nearly two dozen applicants for dispensary licenses in the first round of the process, leaving a still-crowded [click to continue...]

September 23, 2013

Week in Review: Cannabis Legalization Measure in DC + Dispensary Delay in Vegas

Imagine if locally licensed shops selling cannabis to adults for recreational use were allowed to crop up in the shadow of the very agencies responsible for spearheading the nation’s decades-long [click to continue...]

September 20, 2013

Oregon Committee Hopes to Fast-Track Medical Cannabis Dispensary Regulations

A committee created to craft regulations on medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon has set an aggressive timeline for the rule-making process, saying it wants to give entrepreneurs plenty of time [click to continue...]

September 19, 2013

CannaBusiness Magazine Launches – First Print Trade Publication for America’s Marijuana Industry

By Anne Holland CannaBusiness Media, which publishes MMJ Business Daily, announced today that it has launched a national trade journal called CannaBusiness Magazine. The new publication is available via print [click to continue...]

1,600+ Applicants for 10 Rec Licenses in Colorado County

How popular is the marijuana business in Colorado? Here’s one indication: A single county that [click to continue...]

Report: Cannabis Sales Rise 74% in 2014

Medical and recreational marijuana sales jumped 74% last year to hit $2.7 billion compared with [click to continue...]

Social Media, App Sites Take Hard Line Against Cannabis Businesses


Fearing legal repercussions if their users break the law, Instagram and Apple’s App Store are [click to continue...]

MMJ Bill Introduced in Nebraska, Despite Interstate Cannabis Lawsuit

How’s this for irony: A lawmaker has introduced a bill to legalize medical cannabis in [click to continue...]

3rd Annual Marijuana Business & Investor Survey Underway

Marijuana Business Media has launched its annual survey of cannabis professionals to gather key financial, [click to continue...]

WA Lawmakers Weigh Rec Tax Change

cannabis taxes

Washington State recreational marijuana shops have been struggling underneath a heavy tax burden, but state [click to continue...]

Union: New Jersey Dispensary Engaging in Unfair Labor Practices

A New Jersey union has filed a grievance alleging unfair labor practices against a dispensary [click to continue...]

Medical Marijuana Inc. Acquiring Startup Valued at Up to $243M

Medical Marijuana Inc. announced Thursday that it has signed an agreement to acquire Kannaway, a [click to continue...]

MMJ On the Way in Jamaica?

jamaica marijuana

First, the estate of legendary Jamaican musician Bob Marley moved into the cannabis industry. Now, [click to continue...]

MBank Begins Serving Colorado Marijuana Companies

MBank, an Oregon-based financial institution, has started taking deposits from marijuana companies in Colorado. The [click to continue...]

San Diego Approves Fees for MMJ Dispensaries

As part of its ongoing quest to license and regulate medical marijuana businesses, the San [click to continue...]

Arizona MMJ Sales Triple to Hit $112M

arizona medical cannabis

Medical marijuana is booming in Arizona. Dispensaries in the state recorded $112 million in medical [click to continue...]

Commercial Interests Dominate Florida’s MMJ Committee

The Florida committee tasked with creating regulations governing the state’s CBD industry is heavy with [click to continue...]

Alaska, Oregon Rec Legalization Leading to Real Estate Boom

As Alaska and Oregon get closer to establishing their respective recreational marijuana industries, business-minded enthusiasts [click to continue...]