October 25, 2013

Week in Review: International Green Wave + Medical Marijuana Bombshell in Washington

By Chris Walsh Get ready for the international green wave. A growing number of countries are considering legalizing marijuana for recreational or medical use, and they’re turning to cannabis businesses [click to continue...]

October 24, 2013

How Washington DC Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Overcome Harsh Business Conditions

Washington DC’s medical marijuana industry is off to a slow start, with surprisingly low patient numbers, minimal participation by doctors and stringent regulations causing headaches for the first crop of [click to continue...]

October 23, 2013

Scott Dittman: Cannabis Cultivation Techniques, Equipment & Efficiency Evolving at Rapid Pace

By Scott Dittman The growth and evolution of the medical cannabis industry has been as fascinating as it has been fast-moving, and nowhere is that more true than on the [click to continue...]

October 22, 2013

Draft Recommendations Could Wipe Out Many WA Medical Cannabis Businesses, Hike Costs for Others

Most existing medical marijuana operations in Washington could go out of business if the state adopts draft recommendations released this week, while others would have to shell out hundreds of [click to continue...]

October 21, 2013

Oregon Dispensary Fee Proposals: $2,000-$6,000 to Obtain MMJ Business License

Dispensaries in Oregon might have to plunk down thousands of dollars to apply for and obtain a business license to operate in the state. A committee tasked with hammering out [click to continue...]

October 18, 2013

Week in Review: 6 Takeaways From Recent PR Ordeals + Washington Cannabis Regulations

By Chris Walsh For the second time in five months, a prominent medical marijuana company has found itself on the defensive after critical postings online set investors on edge. Earlier [click to continue...]

October 17, 2013

MedBox Attempts to Assuage Shareholders After Critical Report on Founder, Company

MedBox Inc. has deemed a recent investigative report about the company’s founder as “reckless” and “deceptive,” adding that negative press is an inevitable downside of success and increased exposure. The [click to continue...]

October 16, 2013

Illegal Los Angeles Dispensaries Creating Huge Headaches for Legit MMJ Centers

Scores of illegal medical marijuana dispensaries are still cropping up in Los Angeles and hundreds of existing centers that were supposed to close remain open, creating huge business headaches for [click to continue...]

October 15, 2013

Legal Ruling Could Allow More Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, Grow Sites to Open in Arizona

Score another one for medical marijuana businesses in Arizona. A judge has ruled that Maricopa County cannot tweak its zoning laws to prevent dispensaries from opening, removing another roadblock for [click to continue...]

October 14, 2013

Want Help With Your Medical Marijuana Business Application? Plan on Spending $15K-$100K+

How much money should you shell out for assistance when seeking a medical marijuana business license? It’s a question many entrepreneurs are asking in emerging cannabis markets such as Connecticut, [click to continue...]

October 11, 2013

Week in Review: Feds Retreat on Forfeiture Cases + Seattle Welcomes Cannabis Businesses (Sort Of)

By Chris Walsh Last fall, the fear of finding a piece of paper in the mail featuring the words “civil forfeiture” and “asset seizure” kept dispensary owners and their landlords [click to continue...]

October 10, 2013

$50K Up in Smoke? Entrepreneurs Grappling With Massachusetts Marijuana Moratoriums

Josh Sodaitis and Nick Spagnola have already spent $50,000, lined up tens of thousands more in financing and worked 100-plus hours each in an effort to win a license for [click to continue...]

CO Rec Stores Unloading Edibles Inventory


In advance of new regulations for infused products in Colorado, many recreational stores in the [click to continue...]

AG Nominee Opposed to Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis businesses may face obstacles if Loretta Lynch is confirmed as the next U.S. attorney [click to continue...]

SEC Gives Green Light to Marijuana Company’s Stock Registration

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has approved a share registration by a company that [click to continue...]

Pennsylvania MMJ Efforts Get Big Boost from Governor


The chances that Pennsylvania could become one of the next states to legalize medical marijuana [click to continue...]

Prominent Investment Firm Pumps Money Into Cannabis Tech Company

Another mainstream investment firm is hoping to cash in on the cannabis industry. Tao Capital [click to continue...]

Plan to Open 1st Alaska ‘Dispensary’ Draws Criticism

The former TV reporter who generated controversy last fall when she quit her job on-air [click to continue...]

MBank Nixes Services for Colorado MJ Companies


Well that was quick. MBank, the Oregon-based financial institution that recently announced it would begin [click to continue...]

Florida Republican Files Proposal to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Entrepreneurs continuing the fight for medical marijuana in Florida have found an ally in Republican [click to continue...]

California Tribe Inks MMJ Deal

It’s official: Native Americans are getting into the marijuana industry. The Pinoleville Pomo Nation announced [click to continue...]

Former Illinois Gov’s List of License Finalists Revealed


Former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, who left office earlier this month without granting medical marijuana [click to continue...]

1,600+ Applicants for 10 Rec Licenses in Colorado County

How popular is the marijuana business in Colorado? Here’s one indication: A single county that [click to continue...]

Report: Cannabis Sales Rise 74% in 2014

Medical and recreational marijuana sales jumped 74% last year to hit $2.7 billion compared with [click to continue...]

Social Media, App Sites Take Hard Line Against Cannabis Businesses


Fearing legal repercussions if their users break the law, Instagram and Apple’s App Store are [click to continue...]

MMJ Bill Introduced in Nebraska, Despite Interstate Cannabis Lawsuit

How’s this for irony: A lawmaker has introduced a bill to legalize medical cannabis in [click to continue...]