August 23, 2013

A $40 Million Rush: 181 Applications Competing for 35 MA Dispensary Licenses

By Anne Holland By the cut-off time at 3pm yesterday, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health had received a grand total of 181 applications for the 35 dispensaries allowed under [click to continue...]

August 22, 2013

Armored Truck Companies Reportedly Cutting Ties With Dispensaries, Citing Pressure from DEA

The Drug Enforcement Administration is reportedly pressuring armored truck companies to stop serving state-legal medical cannabis dispensaries, another blow to businesses that must largely operate on a cash-only basis. Numerous [click to continue...]

August 21, 2013

Regulatory Group’s Warning About Marijuana Stock Scams Highlights Difficulties MMJ Investors Face

Attention investors: If you’re thinking about pumping money into cannabis stocks, be very, very careful. That’s the advice a self-regulatory agency for brokerage firms and exchange markets issued this week. In [click to continue...]

August 20, 2013

Cannabis Industry’s 2013 Gains Reflect Growing Acceptance of MMJ Among State Lawmakers

This is shaping up to be a pretty significant year for the cannabis industry. Three states – Illinois, Maryland and New Hampshire – have passed medical marijuana laws since January, [click to continue...]

August 19, 2013

Week in Review: Wild Ride for Two Marijuana Stocks + Dispensary News in Delaware & Oregon

It was an interesting week for medical marijuana stocks, to say the least. Two of the most well-known publicly traded cannabis companies saw their shares fluctuate wildly, taking investors on [click to continue...]

August 16, 2013

Another Medical Marijuana State Looks to Start Cannabis Dispensary Program

Delaware could become the third state with existing medical marijuana laws to pave the way for regulated dispensaries this summer. On Thursday, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell said he will revive [click to continue...]

August 15, 2013

A First for MMJ? Connecticut Marijuana Startup Gets ‘Best Form of Local Approval Imaginable’

A startup company hoping to cultivate medical cannabis in Connecticut recently received approval from local officials to set up shop in the city of Middletown, assuming it wins an MMJ [click to continue...]

August 14, 2013

Earnings Update: Mixed Quarterly Results for 2 Publicly Traded Medical Cannabis Companies

Two of the more prominent – and transparent – publicly traded companies in the medical cannabis industry released second-quarter financial data this week, offering up a mixed bag for investors. [click to continue...]

August 13, 2013

Colorado Retail Cannabis Opportunities Limited for Newcomers as Existing MMJ Businesses Get Edge

Getting involved in the recreational marijuana business in Colorado could take a lot longer for newcomers than initially expected. The state is moving forward with rules that will prevent new [click to continue...]

August 12, 2013

Week in Review: Gupta Bombshell Big Boost for Cannabis Biz? + Latest Colorado MMJ Sales Data

Sure, the fact that Illinois and New Hampshire legalized medical marijuana this summer and dispensaries opened in a handful of states in recent months has generated a fair share of [click to continue...]

August 9, 2013

Hope on Horizon for Embattled New Jersey Medical Cannabis Industry as More Dispensaries Approved

New Jersey’s medical marijuana program has been a major disappointment from a business perspective so far. Despite having legalized cannabis for medical use back in 2009, just one dispensary has [click to continue...]

August 8, 2013

Michigan Town’s Cap on MMJ Businesses Reflects Larger Trend, Offers Takeaways

By most accounts, the small Michigan town of Ypsilanti has been a relatively welcoming place for medical marijuana entrepreneurs. Local voters backed MMJ legalization by a ratio of nearly 5-to-1 [click to continue...]

Multi-state MMJ Operators Embroiled in Lawsuits, Legal Disputes

Entrepreneurs seeking cannabis licenses in multiple states have a new concern: legal issues from one [click to continue...]

CO Credit Union for MJ Businesses Could Open by New Year’s Day

Colorado marijuana businesses in need of a bank account, take heart. Banking services may soon [click to continue...]

Bill Would Allow VA Docs To Recommend MMJ

VA Logo

A bill introduced in Congress by representatives from California and Oregon with 10 bipartisan cosponsors [click to continue...]

1000-Foot Buffer Rule Could Lead to Federal Action in MA

Legal marijuana dispensaries face potential prosecution if a U.S. attorney enforces federal guidelines banning marijuana [click to continue...]

Two More San Diego MMJ Dispensaries Ordered to Close


The crusade against illegal medical marijuana dispensaries in southern California has been going on for [click to continue...]

Congressional GOP Not Likely to Block DC Marijuana Legalization

In what must come as a relief for cannabis enthusiasts in the nation’s capital, The [click to continue...]

Two Rec Legalization Measures Possible on Maine Ballot for 2016

Photo for medical marijuana election

Legalize Maine, an advocacy organization for legalized recreational cannabis in the northeastern state, announced a [click to continue...]

Oregon Lawmakers Begin Looking at Rec MJ Regulations

Oregon lawmakers have started asking questions about how to frame regulations pertaining to recreational marijuana [click to continue...]

Seattle Still Trying to Curb MMJ Businesses

The Emerald City has been trying for months to slow down the quickly-expanding medical marijuana [click to continue...]

Anchorage Official Moves to Ban Rec Sales in City


Though Alaska voters spoke earlier this month on recreational marijuana, the state’s largest city might [click to continue...]

California Attorney General Says Cannabis Legalization `Inevitable’

California Attorney General Kamala Harris said cannabis legalization in the state is “inevitable” as advocates [click to continue...]

Montana Dispensary Owners Seek Stronger Regulations

Some Montana marijuana dispensaries are asking for more-stringent regulations to avoid a repeat of 2011 [click to continue...]

Final Rhode Island Dispensary Opens Wednesday

The smallest state in the nation will get its third and final medical marijuana dispensary [click to continue...]

OR Cities to Push Legislature on Local MJ Taxes

League of Oregon Cities

One of the ways backers of recreational cannabis sales in Oregon planned to fight the [click to continue...]